Google Wave

posted on 15th November 2009 by Jon

This is the first time we’ve re-visited Google Wave since its high profile launch back in May (see this post from May). Following the initial razmataz, developers have been waiting their turn to have a stab at the new application. I had a short test run back in August but things appear to have developed somewhat since then and on Saturday night at about 11:30pm, one of our own developers (yes, that’s you Andy - we may have to work on your social life...) sent me and the rest of the team an invite. I now have a much stronger perception as to where this is heading and at base level it would appear to offer the kind of project management tools that you just can’t get in any existing applications at the moment. The best summary I’ve seen for of how it works is here:

The true task for Google on this one is centred on how far/successful the organisation will be at changing the mindset of the public from their existing mail-inbox-centic working practices to this much more fluid way of working. Well, if there’s one company on the planet that can claim to have a pretty strong track record with regards to changing daily work practices and agendas - Google would be the ones.

We’re having a play with this as a team over the next few months and will report back our experience for those who are interested. 

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