Web Standards on IE 8

posted on 5th December 2008 by Ali

Web browsers are the programs we use to view the internet. The most popular is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), followed by Mozilla Firefox. IE is the commercially developed browser that ships with Windows, whereas Firefox is an open-source, community developed program that you download from their … read more »

What are .tel Domains?

posted on 4th December 2008 by Ali

.tel connections

Top level domains like .com and .uk are nothing new. The job of a domain is to point you to the organisations website. The domain also gives you information about the owner of the domain. For example, a .uk is based in the UK. A .co.uk is a company based in the UK, and a .gov.uk is a UK … read more »

Happy Birthday to us!

posted on 16th September 2008 by Jon


Yes, we made it, amongst all of the turmoil out there with 150 year-old institutions falling prey to market conditions, I’m delighted to say that we’ve made it to our 5 year birthday! To celebrate this wonderful anniversary, we held a little party on the roof terrace of the Trafalgar … read more »

Innovative ad campaigns

posted on 10th September 2008 by Greg

Having recently worked on a promotional campaign for Score, it got me thinking about interesting ways in which ad gurus have achieved their prime objectives: targeting an audience and grabbing their attention (amidst the viewer’s hectic and time-deficient lives). Here are some from across the … read more »

Worst domains ever

posted on 3rd September 2008 by Jon

We get asked to register domain names for clients all the time and we always take the time to work out the best possible variation of a domain so that it is a) representative of the company and b) as memorable and easy to write as possible.

The companies behind the following domains (originally … read more »

Google is streets ahead

posted on 3rd September 2008 by Greg

So Google’s Streetview service has recently got the go-ahead to launch in the UK amid widespread controversy. The service, which allows internet users to view panoramic 360 degree views at street level was launched in the US last May and has since expanded to France, Italy and Australia. … read more »

DIY SEO Campaign

posted on 3rd September 2008 by Jon

A few weeks ago on E-Consultancy.com our online marketing consultant Leon Bailey Green started a debate on the role of SEOs and PR professionals in search engine optimisation campaigns (read the debate here).

Some thought PR companies should take more responsibility for achieving links to their … read more »

Great Web Design - XFM

posted on 20th August 2008 by Jon


Web design, like any other form of art or design is very subjective and in the eye of the beholder, however, when we see a site that provides a perfect blend of design, functionality, navigation and content - we like to share it. XFM, the London and Manchester based radio station seem to have … read more »

New No.10 Website

posted on 14th August 2008 by Jon


No.10 Downing Street have just re-launched their official website - www.number10.gov.uk. Including a raft of new gimmicks and tools like Flikr images, Twitter and Brightcove as the main TV player, the site has a much more modern/bloggy feel to it making it more user friendly and a little lighter … read more »

Are we insulated from the Crunch?

posted on 4th August 2008 by Jon

This is a question that most web design / digital agencies will find themselves being asked in the present economic climate and the one thing that most people ask me when I tell them that I work in web design.

It’s a tough question, especially in an economy that is so inter-connected, not … read more »

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